Salute Santé!® Grapeseed Oil

It has long been the secret of gourmet chefs who love its light and nutty, yet neutral flavor.Read More

The Original Grapeseed Oil

Verified Non GMO by the Non GMO Project and certified GREEN by Green America, award winning Salute Santé! Grapeseed Oil is truly The Chef’s Choice™.Read More

Infused Grapeseed Oil

Infused with fresh, all natural herbs, Salute Santé!® Infused Grapeseed Oils shine with delicious fresh flavors, making them ideal as “liquid spice” to dip, drizzle or marinate for all your cooking possibilities!Read More

Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Oil

A first in grape seed oil history, you’ll love the delicious varietal taste and the aroma of a fresh grape crush.Read More

Grapeseed Flour

Our grape seed flour is rich in antioxidants (which adds shelf life) high in calcium and potassium, high in dietary fiber, low in carbs and is naturally GLUTEN FREE, sodium free with a high ORAC value!Read More

Balsamic Vinegars

The balsamic vinegar is the perfect companion to our grapeseed oil for rich, full flavored salad dressings.Read More

Three Pack Infused Gift Box, Garlic, Basil and Lemon

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3 Pack Gift Box Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Grapeseed Oils

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Cold Pressed Oil/Flour/Spatula Gift Box

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