Jean-Louis Palladin

Jean-Louis Palladin planted the seed - the grapeseed - that began our quest to create the highest quality grapeseed oil. He was an encouragement and a mentor.  Recognizing the many culinary and health benefits of grapeseed oil, he encouraged us to make it readily available for the professional chef, as well as the home chef.   "Create the market for grapeseed oil in this country. I believe, that is the thing to do," he would say.

Jean-Louis' passion for perfection and beauty in his food and presentation have been our inspiration as we set the highest standards for quality, for which Salute Santé! Grapeseed Oil is known for. We are honored to salute Jean-Louis Palladin - the man and his memory as the original Salute Santé! star chef.


Considered one of the culinary geniuses of the 20th century, Jean-Louis Palladin was a master of his craft.  In 1974, at 28 yrs old, he won 2 Michelin stars for his restaurant Tables des Cordeliers in Gascony, France. At the time he was the youngest chef to have won 2 stars. In 1979 he came to America to open Jean-Louis at the Watergate, in the Watergate Hotel, in Washington, DC.  He was renowned for seeking out food purveyors that specialized in their products and held to his same high standards for quality.

Jean-Louis’ interest in grapeseed oil began some 35 years ago in his home village of Gascony, France, when his friend’s wine cooperative was making grapeseed oil.  "I enjoyed cooking with it because of the oil properties," explained Jean-Louis.  Hence, his love affair with grapeseed oil began!  It went on to become Jean-Louis’ secret ingredient, used exclusively in his deep fryer and for salad dressings.  We knew we had achieved our goal of quality and taste when we discovered that Salute Santé! was Jean-Louis’ grapeseed oil of choice!

Jean-Louis Palladin's Recipe:

Lobster Tail And Heart Of Palm Salad With Grapeseed Oil Vinaigrette

  • Maine lobster tails - cooked

  •     Fresh Brazilian heart of palm (1 can may be substituted)

  •     1⁄2 lb.mixed baby greens

  •     1 bunch baby radish


  •     2⁄3 cup Salute Santé Grapeseed Oil

  •     3 Tbsp. banyuls vinegar

  •     Salt & pepper to taste

Prepare vinaigrette. Whisk together grapeseed oil, vinegar, salt and pepper. Slice lobster and heart of palm. Marinate lobster and heart of palm with vinaigrette and set aside. Arrange mixed baby greens together on serving plates. Drizzle vinaigrette over greens. Garnish plates with baby radishes. Arrange lobster and heart of palm over greens and serve.