Chef Edward Lee

"In my restaurants I use a variety of oils. Each has a distinct role, from baking to sautéing to finishing salads. I recently cooked my way through a portfolio of artisan grapeseed oils that are changing the way cooks think about this generally flavorless oil. Salute Santé! has been producing extra-virgin cold pressed varietal grapeseed oils since 2010. What makes these oils so interesting are their bold flavors. They have a vibrant green-golden flavor with the aroma of freshly crushed grapes. Their mouthfeel is lush and clean. Grapeseed oil seems poised to become a wonderful new option for home cooks to add to their pantries."

Chef Edward Lee is a nationally recognized chef & proprietor of 610 Magnolia in Louisville, Kentucky. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NYC, it seems like his whole life was destined to end up in Kentucky. He first traveled to Louisville to work with former chef⁄owner Eddie Garber and was so impressed with 610 Magnolia and Kentucky’s local farms that he returned the next year to make the place his own. It was a risky move to leave New York’s bustling culinary scene to start over in Louisville but the risk has paid off. With chef Lee at the helm, 610 Magnolia is once again praised as the fine dining destination of the city and the region.



Louisville, KY
Roasted Carrot Salad with Grapeseed Oil Vinaigrette

Roasted Carrot Salad...

Preparation: 15m | Cook time: 25m
"Grapeseed oils can generally be substituted for olive oil, but grapeseed oils will impart a more vibrant and fruitier flavor than the spicier flavors of olive oil. Roasted Carrot Salad with Grapeseed Oil Vinaigrette contrasts the intensity of the oil with the rich flavor of roasted carrots. The sweetness of the carrots and the punch of the anchovies carry the vinaigrette perfectly." - Chef Edward Lee

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